Time Management Is A Tool For Your Career

Ineffective or inadequate time management can be related to the procrastination of tasks as well as problems with self-control. 

«When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too»

Paulo Coelho

Ineffective or inadequate time management can be related to the procrastination of tasks as well as problems with self-control

Skills involved in time management include objective planning, goal setting, task prioritization, and monitoring how available time is being spent.

Time management implies:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Less stress.
  • A better professional reputation.
  • Increased chances of advancement.
  • More opportunities to achieve your life and career goals.

We are exposed to the opposite, affecting time management where all the attitudes and habits that imply a waste of time will find

  • Spending time on activities that do not produce anything of value.
  • To procrastinate.
  • Not planning quality breaks.
  • Act on impulse instead of based on logic.
  • Not knowing the degree of importance of the tasks to be done.

Set priorities:

Based on the 80-20 rule. It means that 80% of the reward comes from 20% of the effort. 

The trick to prioritizing is to isolate and identify that valuable 20% and, once identified, prioritize time to focus your effort on those elements, as they are the ones that add the most value.

Learn to delegate:

To optimize time management, trivial tasks or those that do not have relevant long-term consequences must be eliminated. 

An extra margin of time that can be dedicated to the really important activities.

Avoid perfectionism:

It is interesting not to pay so much attention to unnecessary details, since this type of attitude constitutes a form of procrastination. In addition, it creates conflicts with your actions and the lack of empathy towards those around you.

Reward yourself: 

Celebrate the achievement of goals, always, even when it comes to small successes. In this way, the necessary balance is maintained and creativity is increased, multiplying the effectiveness of time management.

Remember, the human brain takes 11 minutes to reach 100% concentration capacity to perform a task.



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