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«We recruit for attitude and train for skill»

Atul Gawande

A good referral program can become one of the most effective tools to find talent

Almost 40% of the people referred to end up being hired, according to Adecco Company.


Access to hidden talent.

Employees who already work in the organization can present very special candidates. 

The so-called hidden talent is made up of extremely specialized technical profiles in a very specific field. 

These professionals, in addition, are often reluctant to accept certain job offers

However, if a friend advises them to do so, it is much easier for them to think about it.


Giving the power to choose whom to work with boosts team motivation. It becomes especially evident when one of the members of the company happens to work with a friend (as long as he has the required skills). 

The work environment improves, and productivity grows by generating synergies.

Engagement and lower turnover.

Candidates who go on to work through a recommendation are typically more engaged. 

These professionals know that if they do not fit in with the company, the person who would have to take responsibility would be the recommender. Therefore, they make an effort to integrate and learn how the organization works.

Greater number of candidates.

Although not all candidates will indeed meet the expectations of the company, recruitment by recommendation allows you to have many potential employees

This is especially beneficial because it allows for a much more rigorous and thorough selection.

Corporate brand.

Employees, who dedicate themselves to recommending their acquaintances, are, in reality, enhancing the brand image of the organization. 

It could be said that they become ambassadors of the brand since they strive to give it a good image to integrate new professionals.


This practice allows shortening time and costs in the selection process and facilitates the integration of the new employee into the team and the company

Knowing someone inside allows you to feel accompanied in the first months of adaptation and speeds up the integration and knowledge of the rest of the members.

The vast majority of companies that have a referral program have created a series of benefits so that the employee feels compensated and motivated to recommend someone.


In conclusion, «Referral Programs» and gamification can greatly strengthen their bonds. 


Implementing game dynamics in personnel selection processes and attending to the incentives of candidate recommendations made by existing workers is a very innovative solution to attract the best talent

Hence, these formulas are currently experiencing a tremendous boom related, also, to economic globalization and the improvement of the company’s competitiveness on an international scale.

Is very common in the Anglo-Saxon world and is having a greater impact on the strategies of the Human Resources team in Latin countries. This strategy is well-received thanks to its high degree of effectiveness and the difficulty of attracting talent in certain very competitive sectors.

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